Global Business Activity

The Attorneys of Takvoryan Law Group structure business transactions for foreign clients doing business in the United States, and U.S. companies doing business abroad, to attain maximum legal protection for the clients’ business objectives consistent with achieving maximum tax benefits under the laws of the clients’ domestic jurisdiction and the jurisdictions in which the clients do business. Through a network of relationships with exceptional lawyers, accountants and other professional advisors in foreign jurisdictions, we have represented clients from or with activities in the United Kingdom, Australasia, Japan, China, India, The Middle East, Switzerland, Austria and France, among other countries.



  • Structure real estate investments in Australia for U.S. based clients. 
  • Structure business investments in the United States for Australia based clients.
  • License intellectual property for U.S based business in Japan.
  • Structure Private Placement Life Insurance to facilitate business investment by US based enterprise in Europe.
  • Structure captive life insurance companies in the Caribbean and Europe for U.S. based businesses.
  • Negotiate manufacturing and other source structures in China, Malaysia, Japan and the member countries of CEFTA for U.S. based importers, distributors and retailers.